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#4 A life with FND

April 13, 2022 Scott Whitney Season 1 Episode 4
The All 4 Inclusion Pod
#4 A life with FND
Show Notes

What a great conversation with the voice behind the twitter handle LifewithFND (@FndLifewith) / Twitter

When you do some podcasts, some people like to keep anonymity, which I'm all for. My guest has FND and hosts her own podcast which is predominantly about Functional Neurological Disorder. To locate her podcast, please follow this link Talking it out about...FND part 2 by Talking it out about... (

I used the word predominantly because she will reach out in to other conditions, but she still has a lot of ground left with FND currently.

We have a real direct conversation and I put her on the spot with a number of questions.

If FND is new to you or a family member, than this show will help you understand what to expect.

For more information on Functional Neurological Disorder please refer to FND Hope on the following link HOME FND Hope - FND Hope International

Voiceover for intro and outro by Jennie Eriksen | LinkedIn

Music granted free of charge very kindly by Music: . The track is called Hope and Inspire.

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