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#2 Rebecca's FND including a daughters perspective

April 13, 2022 Scott Whitney Season 1 Episode 2
The All 4 Inclusion Pod
#2 Rebecca's FND including a daughters perspective
Show Notes

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Rebecca and her daughter Rosie about FND. Rosie was able to articulate what it is like to be a child when her Mum's life is changing due to Functional Neurological Disorder.

In this episode, Rebecca and Rosie talk about their support group, how FND impacts both older and younger children and some sacrifices she has had to make.

At the end of the episode you will hear Rebecca ask me to include to information on FND.

In my opinion, the place to start to learn about FND is the FND Hope website. The following link takes you to a page where you can order a really useful booklet, which I found helpful.

FND Patient Booklet - FND Hope International

In addition, FND Hope contains some useful videos, case studies and explanations about the condition.

Another organisation that I feel is useful is FND Action, which is a smaller organisation but also very good. You can find their website here FND Action - Home

Finally, have a look for support groups on Facebook. Be mindful though that the person providing advice is unlikely to be a professional and talking through their own lived experience.

Voiceover for intro and outro by Jennie Eriksen | LinkedIn

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